Virginia Beach Police Department Looking for Missing Teenager Gina Clayton

The Virginia Beach Police Department are searching for a teenager, Gina Clayton, who went missing last month.

Gina, 17, was last seen on the night of July 8 around the KempsRiver Crossing shopping center in Virginia Beach. Her car was found nearby parked around Lake Christopher. Close ones are searching for answers as to her actions on the day of her disappearance, as she told family she was staying at a friend’s house, but the friend in question apparently did not see her or have any plans with Gina that night.

Several witnesses saw and spoke to Gina on July 8. One woman spotted her at a 7-Eleven and asked if she needed a ride, which the teenager refused. A man leaving a gym talked with her for several minutes, until she parted ways saying she was heading towards a nearby movie theater. Police checked security footage and talked to employees at the local theater, but it appears she never showed up. Several others called in and told police they saw her walking along the road, or was seen in parking lots.

At some point on the night of July 8, sightings of the teen stopped, and Police say all activity on her cell phone ceased.

The teen was possibly seen talking with a man by his pickup truck, and could have been driven away by him. Police have mentioned they are looking for the driver, but cannot confirm if Gina was actually ever in his vehicle.

Gina Clayton is described as 5-feet, 5-inches tall, thin, having brown eyes and blonde hair. She was last seen wearing a red tank top, black shorts, and red shoes.

Anyone with information should call the Virgina Beach Police Department at 757-385-2800.