The last thing we need is to expand Middle River Regional Jail and spend that cash: Letter


I do not want to add to or expand the MRRJ. I am writing because I want the city council to vote no to the latest plan to spend over $16,000,000 on what they’re calling the Stage 1 expansion plan. Why is it Stage 1? What is Stage 2? It doesn’t make any sense, unless Stage 2 is adding beds, which clearly the citizens of Staunton do not want!

In my opinion, we should be working on a decarceration plan (“Decarceration in the United States involves government policies and community campaigns aimed at reducing the number of people held in custody or custodial supervision. Decarceration, the opposite of incarceration, also entails reducing the rate of imprisonment at the federal, state and municipal level”), not an expansion plan.

Please vote no.