Kershaw Family Massacre: The most infamous cold case in the Shenandoah Valley

In 2003, a shocking murder scene would terrify Rockbridge County. A family of four, including two young teenage children, were brutally killed in their home. Approaching two decades later, and the crime remains one of the most disturbing cold cases in the history of the Virginia Shenandoah Valley.

On June 28, 2003, a family friend arrived at the Kershaw home and would spot through the windows a grisly sight: the inside of the home looked ransacked and blood could be seen on the stairs and walls. County police would quickly arrive and began trying to make sense of what they saw. All four family members, including parents Ike and Victory, along with teenagers Lizzy and Isiah, were brutally murdered inside.

Evidence suggested the Kershaws were beaten and hacked to death. Blood was sprayed across the floors and walls of almost every room.

After looking for clues within the house, investigators would come up almost completely empty handed. No murder weapons could be found. There was no evidence of a break in, and in fact all doors and windows were shut and locked. No clear fingerprints or DNA evidence from any killer was found inside.

Beyond the physical evidence, police also came up short when looking for any motives or clear suspects. The Kershaws by all accounts were friendly people with no clear enemies. Though there was some rumors of marital problems and possible allegations of infidelity, investigators could not find anything pointing towards anyone specific as a murder suspect. The fact that nothing seemed to be missing in the home pointed away from the situation being a burglary gone wrong.

After years went by and any leads or clues dried up, the case of the Kershaw Family Massacre has lived on as a disturbing cold case that potentially will never be solved.